Having been on the road with only motorcycle and equipment since the spring of 1995, I had not sought an extended road trip, but rather to engineer a method that is comfortable enough to work as a long term lifestyle. That objective was achieved many years ago.

Traveling north by summer (northern U.S., Canada, and Alaska) then south in winter (sometimes deep Mexico) the old motorcycle and I have not stayed in any one place for longer than two months.

With only a fourth grade education, I never aspired to become a writer. That was an accident. Having started this journey as a young man in his mid 30’s, I was amazed, and possibly mesmerized, by the degree of uncommon adventure that so often comes naturally to a person living in such a manner. Of these events I would talk enthusiastically to friends who, at times, remarked, “You tell a good story. You should write that down.” This seemed a fun idea, so I took pen to paper, got someone to put the material into type, then sent it to a little magazine. Unbeknownst to me, that mag had just been bought by the largest publication of it’s kind in the world at that time—Easyriders. By more dumb luck, I was paid fairly well and became a regular contributor. With no interest in writing main stream material, I sought only to tell the ways and stories of true gypsy biker life. In time, writing became a passion and I now sit before this keyboard telling you this tale.

The point is, I did not hit the road to impress anyone but myself and had been out for years before the idea came to offer a glimpse of this offbeat lifestyle to the public. Even then it was only in attempt to inspire, entertain, and possibly share with those of similar interest.

This website is an effort to continue that objective.

Before the road, I was a roofing contractor who lived in the ‘burbs with three bedroom house, two cars, truck, etc. The story of journey from that place to this is longer than can be told here and will soon be available in a book.

A question I’m so often asked about is finance. To this inquiry I always first point out that the majority of most folk’s income is allocated to paying bills. Without these, one doesn’t have need to work often—especially in such a rich country as this. I generally only work-for-money about one month a year; usually at the big motorcycle rallies (four annually) scattered across the nation throughout summer months. I receive no pension and have not been paid for writing since the early 2000’s, yet seldom is money tight. In fact, there usually seems to be more now than before. Go figure. There’s an old saying that reads: ‘Do what you love to do because you truly love to do it and the money will come.’ I personally try only to trust God and follow my heart. After all these years it would seem there’s some security in that.