Got goals you can’t seem to achieve? Click here.

We all have things about ourselves or our lives we’d like to change, or have changed. Some have been easy, while others were not. Then there are those that absolutely refuse to budge until—finally—we simply give up and accept our lot. These unattained goals, dreams, or changes can produce anything from a minor irritation to a major obstacle that directly affects the value of our remaining years on this planet.

This is exactly what is about. And what qualifies its author as something of an authority on the subject? Let me tell you…

I’ve known Toni O’Dell for over 20-years. I remember when she was just a young girl from an average background looking out at the big world through eyes filled with high hopes and pretty damn big dreams. Some of these were personal, and others monetary. Because personal achievements are…well…personal, I’m gonna let her tell you those and just stick with the more monetary aspects here.

Way back then, Toni told me her dreams of working behind the scenes for television news, then and huge concert and other type venues around the country and world. In a short time I watched her achieve this—what I thought was probably unattainable—goal. Although I said nothing of it back then, I’ve always watched closely, and even envied, those who really know how to make shit happen, and for this reason I admired her far more than she ever knew. After tiring of the camera and touring thing, Toni again went on to achieved more college degrees. I see that she now lives alone in a four bedroom house in the suburbs with her cat, dogs, swimming pool, and so many modern amenities I won’t list here because Toni does not appreciate that kind of bragging—especially if it’s about her. Toni also figured out how to earn a six figure income from home. She’s one of the most intelligent people I think I’ve ever known.

Sorry Toni, but I’m impressed.

A very genuine and warm hearted individual, she’s recently taken time to offer lessons on some very important habits and problems I’ve been absolutely unable to change. To me, her ideas seem revolutionary, for they’re like nothing I’d have every come up with. I pay very close attention to each lesson.

So when Toni told me her plan for this website and asked what I thought, my obvious response was, “In your case, I think it’s a fantastic idea!”

So, if you feel stuck like I sometimes do, or, since this site will be interactive, feel you might have something to contribute, then hit the above link and see where it takes you.

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