My house in Missouri…

While crossing Missouri this summer I found a cool town, took this fancy abandoned house as campground, then stayed for over a week.

5912-5900 W Outer Rd, Imperial, MO

2 thoughts on “My house in Missouri…

  1. Is it because there is more wealth in usa that its possible to leave a house like that with no need to sell it on or rent it out? In nz here crooked n cracked houses after earthquakes are rented out. old breezy farm houses get subdivided off n sold to lifestylers driving to work each day they be havn a dog n chickens and fix n up that place. all ways interesting to see you scooter tramp scotty

    1. Don’t know. I find houses like this in Canada and Mexico (a third world country) as well. I’ve put photos of those on my Facebook in past. Even here almost nobody notices these abandoned houses except me. That’s only because I’ve been sleeping on the land on which they sit for many years and have taken an interest in them. Old abandoned houses have really brought home to me the fact that when you die your stuff dies too. It seems stuff only exists to make the human experience possible. Almost directly after one leaves here it’s taken back to the Earth.

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