6 thoughts on “S&S V-111 touring engine in my 1991 bagger. Will it last?

  1. Scotty.You know by now when you upgrade to that kind of power,it will usually take more power from the starter to get this engine started.I believe from earlier posts that you have already upgraded to the 6speed tranny.Maybe upgrade the primary to an se setup & possibly upgrade to a higher voltage output stator.Hopefully you will have better luck than most that go to the HD Scremin eagle 110,which is what I have now.


    1. Got a friend who’ll send me a spike starter if I need one. There’s also room under my seat for a second battery if I want that. But mostly I’m just going to put the motor in and see what happens, not try to solve any problems till they arise. I will also be riding this thing very mellow all the time. I’m not into acceleration, just want to get up to hills easily. I’ll keep you all posted though Derrick.

    2. So far the starter doesn’t seem to have any problem turning it over. It’s got compression releases like all big motors though.

  2. Scotty, Thad here, I’m putting the FXR up for sale, can up put the word out for me $4,500.00. Might take a little less,

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